As I set my feet on the sand,

Waves of this sea rush towards me,

A brief meeting and they leave,

Sweeping away the sand under my feet.

Some things are never under control.

I yearn for your lips on mine,

My fingers running through your hair.

The Sun, setting slowly, setting the sky alight.

Panting, yet we keep kissing.

And then, darkness creeping in,

Some things are never under control.

And your lips were never on mine.

Just me, the sea, and the sand slipping away.


Lost in the Night

Stealing gazes,

Your eyes trying to say something,

My lips curving into little smiles.

What surprises does this night have for us?

Holding hands to getting drunk.

Stumbling, as we walk through the streets.

Falling into each other’s embrace,

Giggling in the silence of the night.

Stargazing, as we sober up slowly.

Let’s get lost as we discover love.


Say it is…

Say it,

Tell me all the things you feel,

Annoying painful or if it is love.

Tell me what my touch does to your body,

Does it soothe you or am I just like anyone?

The stars that i see in the dark eyes of yours,

Do they appear just for me?

And when there comes an end to this tragic story of ours,

Will you let me know if it was Love?

Say it is love.


Don’t let your lips leave mine.

Don’t let your lips leave mine.

Don’t let your body leave mine.

Hold me tight, tighten the grip.

Harder and harder as we become one.

Let me hear all the lewd noises,

Overshadowed by our hearts’ ecstatic voices.

Lick, kiss, bite.

Mark every sight.

Let the bruises fade by time,

As I’m all yours for this lifetime.

Don’t let your lips leave mine.

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